Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tip du Jour: "Titanium-Dioxide Free" Face

Often I am approached with the question of how to reduce the appearance of a "ghost-like" face in photos! The term refers to a lighter and brighter face compared with the decolletage. The answer to this question is simple: SPF! Gasp! Of course SPF is vital and should be part of our daily upkeep of our face but, using products with SPF is not ideal for photos. Titanium-Dioxide is a key ingredient in SPF and it is this particular ingredient that causes the face to look lighter than the body in photos. My recommendation is to use a foundation and a moisturizer without SPF for those special occasions where photos will be taken. Even in some cases where Bronzer is used to darken the face in hopes of eliminating the effect of SPF, light will in fact still pick up on the pigment of the Titanium-Dioxide thus resulting in a "ghost-like" appearance! The next time you have an event and will be posing for photos, don't forget to temporarily eliminate the SPF from your beautification process. Stay fabulous!

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  1. Thanks for this update. I use moisturizers and foundations with SFP and always wondered why in pictures my face would look so light. Good to know, thanks for sharing. Love that you give makeup tips as well as educate your readers on products.


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