Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Review du Jour: Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette

After much anticipation (nearly a summer-long wait), I received the Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette.  I have been consistently using this product on myself and my clients as I wanted to get a feel of the product before posting a review on it.  I do have to say, I am extremely satisfied. 

Pros: I am in love with the packaging of this product.  With 11 shades of corrector, 14 shades of concealer, and 20 shades of foundation stick, it has it all!  I love having a product in my kit that I can literally only use and be so satisfied with.  The textures of the corrector, concealer, and foundation stick are fantastic.  Bobbi Brown is known for her creamy concealers that cover brilliantly, and skin perfecting foundations that well, perfect the skin!  If your a makeup artist, or an aspiring makeup artist, this palette in my opinion is a must have in your kit.  Instead of individually purchasing the concealers, correctors, and foundation sticks, the palette includes it all.  The packaging is organized, and is small enough to not take too much space.  We all know how much space individually purchased products like foundation for example can take up in our kits!  With this palette all you need to do is... grab and go.

Cons: As makeup artists, we know how important sanitation is.  We have to always make sure products or brushes are properly sanitized and cleaned before being used.  Taking into consideration the BBU Palette, I do have to be more careful with how I retrieve the product.  I like to use the spatula to take some product out and apply it onto my Crystal Powder Paw Palette where I then apply with a brush onto the face.  Also, anything that can be disposed such as wands or q-tips would be great to take out the product for application.  Since this palette is prone to bacteria because of the packaging and how closely the welts are to eachother, I lightly mist alcohol directly onto the palette and let air dry for a few minutes to keep the product sanitized.
Next, I do wish the welts in this palette were a little bigger.  But, we have to remember, it is ideal for an artist working on shoots or fashion shows that needs a product with all the beauty essentials for touch-ups at your fingertips!
Lastly, this product is not inexpensive.  Although it is a little bit of an investment, the return on the product makes the price worth every penny.

 Bobbi Brown BBU Face Palette: $250.00 www.bobbibrown.com

Thanks to my instagram follower @geekinstilettos www.geekinstilettos.blogspot.com for inspiring this blog post!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My makeup bag has...

Let's dig into my makeup bag today in it's most current state!
 Of course I don't use every single product on a daily basis, but just like how I pack for vacation, I ALWAYS have products in my makeup bag that will easily bump up a daytime look to an evening look.  For example, eyelashes!  It's not very often you find eyelashes in an everyday makeup bag! Some of these products you may already know about, others may not be as familiar. But, one important thing, I don't use products for their name, but most importantly, for their quality. I am in love with each and every single product.


 1. Embryollise Lait-Creme Concentre: $28.00
2. Makeup Forever HD Primer Zero: $34.00
3. MAC Strobe Cream: $15.00
4. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: $59.00
5. MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW25: $18.00
5. MAC Mineralized Charged Water Hydrating Mist: $22.00

All of these face products have a duty to fill. I apply them in the order as listed above for maximum results. The prepping of the skin is by far the most important thing to do! Additionally,  I use strobe cream only when I want a more dewy finish. By far, my all time favorite foundation is Giorgio Armani.  Since I am a freelance Giorgio Armani Beauty makeup artist, I believe in this foundation so, so much. I have blogged about it before and I cannot say enough about this product! Also, YES concealer before foundation! After you have applied foundation on your face, you will then see what areas need more concealing and coverage. If you are highlighting and contouring with for example a foundation stick, then you would apply your foundation afterwards and blend.

1. Urban Decay Primer Potion: $20.00
2. Stila Oasis/Jezebel Eyeshadow: $18.00 each
3. Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner in Midnight Black: $22.00
4. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner: $20.00
5. Lise Watier Waterproof Eyeliner: $18.00
6. Loreal Voluminous Curved Brush Mascara: $7.99
7. MAC Eyelash Curler: $20.00
8. Lashes #415: $3.99
9. Lashes #307: $3.99
10. MAC Brow Set Show-Off: $16.00
11. Eyelash Glue: $5.99

I love the #415 lashes because it is divided enough to where your natural lashes blend in. I like to top it off with corner lashes #307 for that extra flare on the ends! 

MAC Mocha Blush: $20.00
MAC Peachykeen Blush: $20.00
Smashbox Suntan Matte Bronzer: $29.00
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact: $40.00

For contouring your face with a bronzer like Smashbox, I suggest using a really nice contour brush that is in the shape of a fan. My favorite is by Makeup Forever. It picks up the product so well and when applied, frames your face brilliantly! Also, Mocha might be by far my favorite blush color. It goes everywhere with me!

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Hush Lip Tar: $15.00
MAC Ample Pink Plushglass: $19.50

These two together are absolutely divine! Remember, with OCC, a little goes a very long way. My favorite way of applying the lip tar is by using my finger.  Also, the gloss compliments the color of the lip tar so beautifully!

You can find Embryollise, OCC and lashes from Nigel Beauty Emporium www.nigelbeauty.com. Giorgio Armani Beauty is carried exclusively at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Lastly, Lise Watier is carried by Naimes Beauty Center www.naimes.com.

I hope this blog post was insightful and fun for you all!
Happy shopping! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Evolution of Makeup: 60's

The evolution of beauty and makeup never fails to amaze me.
The 60's will forever be a decade where I find my most inspiration as it is a time that the emphasis on eye makeup became popularized.
We have Elizabeth Taylor to thank for her incredible role as Cleopatra (oh that makeup!), and Twiggy to thank for her defined crease and bold eyelashes. Who can forget Sophia Loren with her signature eyeliner that we see so very often today?
This was a decade of trendsetters.






Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Product Spotlight: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

I have been horrible with showing my blog some TLC lately.  Forgive me for the extreme gap between my last blog update and now. But, the wait is over and I am ready to share a favorite with you. I'm convinced it'll soon be your favorite as well! 

Ladies, can we all agree that lipstick and lip gloss miraculously make your makeup look fresh? No matter the time of day! Whether your a bridesmaid who was up bright and early in the morning or a guest at the wedding, a quick touch up of the lip is all you need!
With this in mind, I'm going to shine the spotlight on a product that I am convinced the makeup gods have sent us (yes!)

Stila's stay all day liquid lipstick is BRILLIANT.

The range of colors are bold, weightless, and velvet-like.  Oh yes, we cannot forget that this lip color stays all day, hence it's name! It doesn't crack, and it doesn't feel dry when applied. Instead, ingredients such as  vitamin E and avocado oil help lock in the moisture to eliminate any dryness and bleeding.  I cannot rave enough about this product. I love, love, love...and the best part: instead of touching up every hour, picture yourself touching up every 4-5 hours. YES!!! I made sure to make this collection a must-have for personal use and of course my kit.  I cannot see myself without it.
I'm hooked.
 Absolute perfection.
Stila Stay All Day Lip Color: $22
You can find the entire range of colors and other Stila products at Nigel Beauty Emporium http://www.nigelbeauty.com/

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