Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tip du Jour: INGLOT Gel EyeLiner

I was missing in action for a bit, but I'm finally back and ready to rock and roll! Here we go...
After much testing with different brands of waterproof eye liners, I have FINALLY found an eyeliner that does not move or smear! I cannot tell you how unbelievably well this eyeliner stays put. I know a lot of brands manufacture "waterproof" gel liners or "waterproof" eye pencils and don't actually perform as promised. I've gone through various methods of testing this eyeliner (including testing in heat, and of course, testing with water), and I was not disappointed! INGLOT is the brand and Matte Collection AMC Eyeliner Gel is the name. At only $12, this product is ideal for those of you who love to wear your eyeliner morning to night, without having to worry about maintaining it. AND, it doesn't hurt your wallet. Genius! Pair this product with an angle brush for application, and voila you are set!

This product can be purchased online at or at Nigel Beauty Emporium in Burbank, CA.


  1. Love it. It’s definitely a challenge to find a waterproof eyeliner that is actually “waterproof.” Thanks for the tip. I will definitely have to pick one up.

  2. Thanks Veronika! I know you will love this eyeliner. xo


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