Monday, December 19, 2011

Tip du Jour: Face Primer

The secret to a long lasting, porcelin-like finish in makeup is primer. Primer is what I like to call the "glue" that holds the makeup together. Prepping the skin before applying foundation is vital, as the steps involved in preparing for the application of foundation leads to a finished product that not only lasts for hours, but also, helps keep the makeup intact. Ideal for all skin types, my favorite primer of the moment is MAKEUP FOREVER All Mat. Because this product is oil-free and silicone based, when applied, it not only fills up pores and fine lines on the face but it also leaves the skin feeling matte and silky. This product evens out textured skin brilliantly!  I instantly see results on my clients' face when I use this primer before applying foundation. This product is definitely a staple in my makeup kit!


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