Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tip du Jour: Moisturizer

Happy New Year! I have been missing in action but I'm back now and ready to kick off the new year with a great tip and product! What best way to embrace the new year than with a great moisturizer? Fresh start, Fresh face! I have tried to venture out into the world of facial moisturizers to find what works best on not only myself but my clients and I have found that nothing can compare to Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre. Before local beauty supply stores began carrying this product, I would order it from Paris, France. The French sure nailed it with this "24 Hour Miracle Cream." This moisturizer is great on all skin types and my favorite thing about Embryollise is that your skin really soaks up the moisturizer and locks it in. There isn't any oily resistance and the creaminess and consistency of the product is just perfect! Ask your local beauty professional stores like Nigel's or Naimes for samples of this product. Give your face a chance at a fresh new beginning and I guarantee you will l-o-v-e this!

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