Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jennifer Lopez: Rock the Look

I think we can all agree that Jennifer Lopez not only does fashion justice, but she rocks out with every single type of makeup style. I'm OBSESSED with her.  I especially love her most recent look from the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" premiere in Los Angeles. Again, the minimal face with bold lips continues to show us that less is definitely more. Rock out her berry lips with a swatch from MAC called "Rebel" (one of my all time favorites! love!).  Keep the face looking healthy and dewy by lightly highlighting those cheekbones with a shimmer based loose powder for a glow, and brush on the mascara of your choice. Keep your face simple, but pop out those beautiful lips with a berry lip. To kick things up a notch and take your look from day to night, pencil the inner rim of your eye with a bold, black eyeliner. Rock her look with a few easy steps and make it your own! Don't forget ladies, no matter what season, berry hued lip tones are always going to be in style-Always! xo


MAC Rebel Lipstick: $14.50

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