Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Product Spotlight: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

I have been horrible with showing my blog some TLC lately.  Forgive me for the extreme gap between my last blog update and now. But, the wait is over and I am ready to share a favorite with you. I'm convinced it'll soon be your favorite as well! 

Ladies, can we all agree that lipstick and lip gloss miraculously make your makeup look fresh? No matter the time of day! Whether your a bridesmaid who was up bright and early in the morning or a guest at the wedding, a quick touch up of the lip is all you need!
With this in mind, I'm going to shine the spotlight on a product that I am convinced the makeup gods have sent us (yes!)

Stila's stay all day liquid lipstick is BRILLIANT.

The range of colors are bold, weightless, and velvet-like.  Oh yes, we cannot forget that this lip color stays all day, hence it's name! It doesn't crack, and it doesn't feel dry when applied. Instead, ingredients such as  vitamin E and avocado oil help lock in the moisture to eliminate any dryness and bleeding.  I cannot rave enough about this product. I love, love, love...and the best part: instead of touching up every hour, picture yourself touching up every 4-5 hours. YES!!! I made sure to make this collection a must-have for personal use and of course my kit.  I cannot see myself without it.
I'm hooked.
 Absolute perfection.
Stila Stay All Day Lip Color: $22
You can find the entire range of colors and other Stila products at Nigel Beauty Emporium http://www.nigelbeauty.com/

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